Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Love of All Things Blue

Including...dun dah dah dahhhhh, DUKE!

That's right, you heard me. Duke. Duke Blue Devils. Duke basketball. I've had to justify my love for them over and over just in the past day because of the Maryland vs. Duke game. I LOVE DUKE! What's so horrible about that? They are the only basketball team (besides Maryland's) that I can name the coach, and name some notable players. I can tell you how many NCAA titles they've won. I can tell you how Bobby Hurley was the best point gaurd EVER. He had so many assists in his time it was actually SEXY. I can even spell the coaches name, but I prefer to write Shesheski.

Since I'm not a gambling woman, I can tell you that I know how Duke plays- safe, organized, and from the three's. No, they're not slam dunk heros, and no, they don't drive the ball on the inside, they hit the threes. And I think three pointers are sexy. I do. Who doesn't love the ssswwhooshhh when the a three goes in? Gavin says he hates them because Duke "lives and dies by the three's. That's ALL THEY DO!" WELL, I LIKE IT! I LOVE IT! Threes are sexy and they get you points. And that's how Duke has played ever since I started following them in high school. I just can count on them to show me some threes. Or even that half court lob from Christian (hellooo hotty) that blew me away sooo long ago. Ever since then, I've been a Duke fan.

I've tried to love Maryland, I have. But everytime, they just let me down. They choke. They can't keep it together long enough to make something happen. Well, clearly except for last night. And I honestly don't know much about they way Maryland plays except for they are inconsistent, so I'll stop here- the analysing of the Terps. And I won't deny that Maryland played their best, but Duke didn't just give it to them either. The Terps could have actually just blown Duke out of the water what with home court advantage, a very high off of senior game Vasquez, and a scramble to tie for number 1 in the ACC. But they let Duke sneak up, and take the lead back for a bit. They got lucky in the last minute. They did. In that last minute, Maryland got lucky. Suffice it to say, the match up was awesome, and I'm not saying that I don't like Maryland, I'm just saying that I looove Duke.

And yet, when I ask people why they hate Duke so much, they have no answer, its just, "I don't know, because I do!!!" Whatever! What kind of boogly woogly is that? Yes, I grew up in Maryland, yes, I went to Maryland, but I love Duke. Can't help it. I fell in love with them in high school, and they are the only college basketball team that I've ever followed whenever had the urge to follow basketball. ACC? I had bet on Duke. March Madness and the NCAA? I had bet on Duke. I don't even follow any of the other leagues, I would just always say, "DUKE"! I have no idea how Duke might be doing in a season, but I bet on them anyway. Yes, I love Duke.

And what makes it even better is that "friendly" rivalry between my hometown league and my Duke. That's what makes it all interesting, that's most of the draw. I've always tried to watch any Maryland/Duke game, just cause it's just fun. And I've always wanted to go to a Maryland/Duke game, and Gavin finally gave me a reason. Such an amazing game, even though Duke lost. It was tough to keep my cheers down, cause even surrounded my Terps fans, I couldn't help but scream for Duke. I just couldn't help it. I'm actually curious to see what it would take to get us to a ACC tourney game. Just so I can root for Duke. I need a jersey.

Oh, and CLEARLY, you must know, that the number one reason why I love Duke so much is cause they wear BLUE.


pquantock said...

As a lifelong Maryland fan, let me fill you in on a few things...

UMD plays agressive, old school basketball. The kind that calls for a defense that is constantly in your face. They drive, pass, steal, and rebound there way to victory...oh and they can drain the three as well!

It's this aggresiveness that gets them the label of being inconsistent.

As for why I hate Duke, I can give you many reasons but not sure I can do it without a post filled with expletives!

Let's put it this way, I hate Duke because of their arrogance and self-righteousness. They have always, for as long as I can remember, felt like they deserved to be at the top no matter how they played. And nobody works the refs (by whining alot) like Coach K. I will admit I respect him as a coach but that is as far as I go.

Here's hoping our two teams meet again in the ACC championship game and the NCAA tournament!!



Blue Ryder said...

Agreed, Cheers to that! What I love more about Duke vs. Maryland basketball, is when they are matched up perfectly, like this season...makes for some exciting games! Lets head down next weekend- you'll wear orange...I'll wear BLUE.

Slowburn said...

So funny, as I read that all I could think about was what I was going to reply... then I got to the bottom and you said it for me. The real reason is simply because of their pretty color. You can try to jargon it up, but I see right through your ruse. Blue, done.

CapitolSwell said...

You never have to justify your love for Duke.

You simply don't. They rock.

Unknown said...

I agree with Slowburn. It has got to be be the BLUE. In addition, basketball and sexy should not be used in the same sentence. The real reason people hate Duke is the same reason the Yankees and Lakers are hated. It is for their continued success over the years. This is nothing against them but just a compliment to the success of their organization.

Blue Ryder said...

It's no lie when I say that Duke BLUE is a very nice blue. =)

And basketball AND sexy truly should be in one sentence. I've always had a thing for tall guys who can shoot three's! They're like snipers.

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